Heat Treating is the process of heating and/or cooling metals and other solid materials, to alter their chemical or physical properties to a specified level of hardness, toughness and strength in order to perform a pre-determined task.

Welcome to Katy Heat Treat.

Katy Heat Treat is a full service thermal heat treating company dedicated to their customers and committed to providing a high end level of service which exceeds expectations. Located in Katy, Texas, just 25 miles west of downtown Houston and 10 miles from the energy corridor, Katy Heat Treat offers a full range of heat treating services to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and product applications. We employ an experienced staff lead by arguably the most knowledgeable heat treater in the state with 30+ years in the business.

Quality and Service go hand in hand at Katy Heat Treat. Our goal is to complete your order right, safely and fast. We are ISO 9001 certified, members of the Metal Treating Institute, and audited and authorized vendors for a wide range of major corporations in the metal supply, machine and manufacturing business. We can and will satisfy each and every customer’s unique requirements.

Our Services:

  • Vacuum Heat Treating
  • Batch Furnace Heat Treating
  • Cryogenic Treating
  • In House Hardness Testing
  • On-site UT Testing
  • On-site Custom Shipping Crate Fabrication
  • Pick-Up and Delivery

Please send inquiries to:

Bill Luce – Operations Manager

Mark Homestead – President

Office Phone: 281-392-4805

Please visit the rest of our site to see photos and read more about our unique level of service, processes and capabilities, or to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.