Vacuum Treating

Vacuum heat treating is a unique, specialized process involving the treating of metal in an oxygen free environment. The benefits of vacuum heat treating include minimal part distortion and less scale which result in lower labor costs for polishing, grinding and rework due to scaling, oxidation and decarburization of metal components.


The vacuum heat treat process at Katy Heat Treat is a two-step process.   The first step consists of heating parts in an oxygen-free environment.  After the initial heating, parts are then quenched with nitrogen gas.  High tech, electronic controllers monitor cycles to ensure repeatable heating, soaking and quenching. These repeated cycles, also referred to as “recipes” can be customized for Katy Heat Treat customers’ specific applications or specifications. Katy Heat Treat’s vacuum technology allows for precise targeting of metal microstructure, surface characteristics, and cleanliness of mechanical properties, as specified by Katy Heat Treat customers.  Vacuum heat treat’s precise temperature and environmental control prevents surface contamination and preserves surface chemistry, eliminating scaling, oxidation and decarburization.

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